Is Shockwave Therapy Effective for the Correction of Bunions?

Does Shockwave Therapy Replace Surgical Bunion Removal?

Is Shockwave Therapy A Better Conservative Option Than Microcurrent Bunion Treatment?

Is Shockwave Therapy for Bunions Effective For Correcting Bunions?


The quick answer to these questions is a resounding NO. Even all the bunion products on the market cannot make the claim that they are a bunion cure. Shockwave therapy does have its benefits though. Shockwave therapy is somewhat effective in dealing with bunion pain relief. This bunion treatment option is rather new and has been used in the recent past to treat shoulder pain, tennis elbow, and plantar fascitis. Shockwave therapy uses very high intensity sound waves directed at the tissues affected with great accuracy. The effects of these impulses help lead to the production of collagen fibers and the decrease in inflammation.

I have spoken to several patients who have had the Shockwave treatment and said that they have seen zero change in their foot as it relates to the structure of the foot. The bunions are still there and their fallen arches of their feet are still an issue. They have all tried the bunion splints, orthopedic insoles, and every kind of bunion product known to man. The good news is that it was pretty effective when it came down to bunion pain. Patients noticed much less swelling and were able to be on their feet for much longer periods.

When I asked the patients how it relates to the micro current bunion treatment, they all said to me that the microcurrent bunion therapy is far more superior when it comes to conservative treatment for your bunions. They said that not only was Surgical Alternatives Non Surgical Bunion Treatment more successful in ridding them of their bunion pain compared to Shockwave Therapy but unlike Shockwave Therapy it helped to naturally correct the hallux valgus and structure of the foot. One patient described Shockwave Bunion Therapy as just a mask to cover up the pain temporarily while they considered bunion surgery or bunion removal.

I decided to explore Shockwave Therapy after looking at the website when a man observed that the pictures on the website for Shockwave Therapy were falsified after performing a reverse search on the picture. The doctor posted a picture of surgically repaired feet that was on multiple different websites showing the “so-called” effects of Shockwave Therapy for Bunions. Be careful out there people!

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