Bunion Treatment. No One Wants Bunion Surgery.

Bunion Treatment

Alternatives to bunion surgery.

Bunion Treatment does not have to involve painful and invasive surgery. For a long time, a bunion surgery alternative only involved orthotics or ineffective toe spacers. There are many non-surgical bunion treatments and options that do not involve invasive surgery. This includes the minimally invasive bunion surgery which is still rather invasive but with a minimal scar. A conservative form of treating for your bunions that is definitely the best choice if you can help it. The one treatment that has been found to be extremely effective for the relief of bunion pain, decrease in appearance of the bunion itself, and straightening of the big toe is a natural form of bunion therapy that involves microcurrent. This bunion therapy has been successfully practiced for over twenty years. The results are nothing short of amazing. The patient is likely to gain confidence, reduce or eliminate pain, and improve their life’s quality dramatically. The foot not only looks much better but the patient will feel much more grounded, balanced, and have much more control of their feet. This natural bunion correction therapy is known by many patients as a major performance enhancer. Whether you are a runner, pro football player, crossfit participant, or grandmother who just wants to walk down the street without pain this bunion therapy alternative treatment will be extremely beneficial.   Alternatives to bunion surgery If you choose to go the surgical route, you will have to deal with risks associated with it such as: risk of infection, long-term scarring, risk of nerve damage, and a longer than expected downtime (over 3 months). Lets face it. We have all known someone or known someone that has known someone that has had a bad experience with a bunionectomy. Up until very recently, you could either go to a podiatrist who might address the bunion non-surgically by recommending orthotics or have bunion surgery. These orthotics will attempt to straighten the big toe; but, podiatrists will admit that this method by itself is ineffective, the bunion can get worse, orthotics just prolong the process. Anti-inflammatories or steroid injections are often used to decrease inflammation in the area of the bunion. There are possible side effects to these injections, such as thinning or death of the nearby bone and tissues, nerve damage, joint infection and possible tendon weakening or rupture. These two procedures may temporary relieve pain and discomfort of your bunion. Real relief will come with our treatment where we address the true cause of the bunion. Let us not forget medications. Your doctor may also prescribe anti-inflammatory or pain medications. We all know this type of treatment just masks the pain and discomfort  and doesn’t solve the real problem. Your last and final option is to do nothing. With time, your foot may continue to get worse and more deformed than it is now. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to address your bunion problem using a conservative non-surgical approach. If the deformity gets so severe the only option left will be surgical correction and we’ve already outlined those painful details.   Bunion Treatment with Microcurrent (also referred to as Bunion Therapy) Dr. Levingston has devoted his career to finding alternative treatments for bunion patients and finding new ways to treat bunions. No one wants bunion surgery after hearing all the horror stories (if they can avoid it) and go the conservative route. Doctor Levingston have searched the world to find the best nonsurgical bunion treatment on the planet. Nothing even comes close. The bonus to the Non-Surgical Bunion Therapy is that it is only a fraction of the cost of bunion surgery. It all started when his patients would mention how much their bunions are affecting their daily lives and how they wish there was a natural treatment for bunions out there. All conservative treatments consisted of toe separators, splints, orthotics, and bad bunion exercises. These so called solutions for conservative treatment did not get rid of the bunions. They simply prolonged bunion surgery and help just a bit with the pain. Dr. Levingston traveled the world to find what other doctors are doing to address the need for bunion removal without surgery. He asked the questions: “Is a cure for bunions without surgery even possible?” “How can I get rid of bunions without surgery?” “Is there a market for non surgical bunion treatments?” He also asked patients questions concerning a natural bunion correction therapy such as:

“If there was a conservative bunion therapy or bunion treatment that could be a better alternative to invasive surgery, would you consider going the conservative route to treat your bunions?”

“What bothers you most about your bunions?”

“Are you sick and Tired of wearing sandals or ugly orthopedic shoes because you can’t find a good looking shoe that fits comfortably?

“Are you tired of seeing a large, ugly, protruding bump sticking out from your big toe?”

“Are you tired of taking expensive medications daily for pain and discomfort without thinking about the long-term side effects?”

Dr. Levingston researched many white papers and articles on the subject. He even traveled overseas to train with doctors that got some good results using conservative care for bunions. He returned back to the states with this plethora of knowledge and created a program that has never been seen before for bunions. He does an extensive exam on the patient measuring posture, gait, muscle imbalances, muscle strength, and any other test that seems pertinent to the test. He scans the foot for pronation, measures uneven areas of the body, and treats the patient using a unique microcurrent bunion protocol. He will then prescribe certain exercises that strengthen the arch and intrinsic muscles of the foot and gives away pilates equipment to increase the patient’s foot strength and flexibility even more. Dr. Levingston also non-surgically addresses hammertoes, plantar fascitis, tailors bunions, and any other painful foot problem that you can think of. Dr. Levingston spends his time with you unlike many other doctors who will see you in five minutes and be done. For more information call 303-532-4844.

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