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An Alternative Option To Bunion Surgery

Until now, the only cure for sufferers of bunions was a brutal operation. It involved cutting open and detaching the toe joint, sawing off parts of the foot bones, and then piecing it back together. The procedure is so painful that only one foot is operated on at a time (so as to not incapacitate the patient). Even after the surgery, the patient is still left to hobble on crutches for the next few months. A general anesthetic is usually necessary, scarring is inevitable, and often normal shoes can’t be worn for up to a year. So, its not surprising that just a handful of the millions who suffer (with 85 per cent of them women) choose to undergo this surgical torment each year.

The surgery depends on the type of bunion you have, your age, general health, activity level and the specific condition of your bone and connective tissue. There are mild, moderate, severe and arthritic bunions. The surgery can involve removal of bone, realignment of muscles, tendons and ligaments. There may be cuttting and shifting of the bone and or joint reconstruction. This process can require months and months of healing and rehabilitation. It can take anywhere between 2 months to one full year to recover completely.

The post-surgical process can include months off your feet. Pain and swelling and prescribed inactivity will prevent you from performing many of your normal daily activities, including exercising and possibly going to work. This brings up another good point. You also need to factor in your opportunity costs of missing work or being less productive at work.

After surgery, unwanted or unexpected long-term complications can occur. Big toe stiffness, numbness, scarring, swelling, delayed healing and infection all can occur. Other complications can include recurrence of the bunion, nerve damage and continued pain. The surgery may also result in overcorrection of the original problem in which the big toe will extend away from the other toes.

It’s not surprising that out of the millions who suffer from bunions only a small percentage choose to undergo this surgical procedure each year.

Now, a pioneering treatment promises to end the misery of bunions with:

NO Recovery Time

NO Down Time

NO Scaring

NO Risk of Infection

NO Possibility of Nerve Injury

NO Long-Term Stiffness

NO Over or Under Correction of the Big Toe


This non-surgical bunion treatment has shown to have a very good certain outcome with lasting results. Additionally, this revolutionary non- surgical bunion treatment option is a fraction of the cost of Bunion surgery.


So, how does this revolutionary non-surgical bunion treatment procedure work?


The very first step is the Examination. We will measure the angle of the big toe, your gait, and any pain associated with the bunion, both actively and at rest. At the end of the program, we will perform the assessments again and compare the difference. The difference should be significant.

To comprehend the next step, you need to understand that the bunion is not caused by a bone deformity; but, a shifting in the alignment of the big toe due to muscle imbalances in the foot. The doctor administers a Frequency Specific Microcurrent on the bunion and foot involved. The treatment allows the doctor to indirectly shift the big toe back into alignment by correcting the muscle imbalances. This results in the strengthening and loosening of the muscles responsible for contributing to the toe misalignment in the first place. This will create a condition in which the big toe re-aligns itself to the proper position. Additionally, the bunion appears to have dramatically decreased in size and shape due to The Microcurrent’s ability to decrease inflammation and excess calcium deposits along the joint. Check out some of our picture Testimonials to see some of the results.

The doctor then performs a precise Acupressure technique to increase foot health and reduce any swelling caused by the bunion. 

Next, the doctor delivers a very specific Foot Adjustment to restore proper joint motion, decrease foot pronation, and to help align the foot and big toe.

Last, the doctor performs a specialized Advanced Muscle Therapy designed to loosen up muscles in the body allowing you to feel relaxed, improve your posture, and reduce pain. Due to bunion deformity and associated pain, patients tend to walk irregularly by compensating certain muscles. By putting extra stress on the muscles, the muscle fibers will become tight, painful, and will result in limited range of motion. This will inevitably result in bad posture. Advanced Muscle Therapy helps to reduce this.

After the procedure, you are sent home with Specialized Bunion Orthotics (to reduce pronation until your foot is strong enough without it), Natural Supplements/Topical Creams, and Bunion Home Exercises.

Our award winning, high quality foot inserts provide the benefits of a day and night splint for bunion pain relief and complete protection.

Our Natural Supplements and Topical Creams are prescribed to you in order to decrease joint inflammation and help shrink bunions.

Our specialized Bunion Home Exercises are quick and easy to perform. They allow you to maintain the muscle strength that you built up throughout the treatment period. It is a proactive approach that keeps you completely in control of your own recovery.

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