Bunion Alternatives for Surgery – Testimonials


A patient of Dr. Levingston created this image for others who are interested in a non surgical approach to treating their bunions. You can see in the picture her results and elements of the microcurrent bunion treatment process. This “no surgery” bunion approach was developed to give the patient a viable choice when it comes to conservative treatment for people suffering from bunions. “I have done my research on all the natural treatments for bunions. In my opinion, Dr. Levingston’s non-surgical bunion treatment was not only the best choice but it was the most comprehensive. My feet feel and look incredible. I have accomplished all my goals in the short time that I was in treatment. I can now run 3 miles without pain, my foot strength is above and beyond, and I am no longer pronating my feet. Dr. Levingston not only effectively treats your bunions holistically, but he will make sure you are on the road to accomplishing your athletic goals as well. He takes a whole body approach by looking at things such as posture, gait, foot pronation, etc. If you are suffering from bunions and are looking for a conservative treatment without the risk of surgery, please call Dr. Levingston’s office to see if he can help you.”


In this video testimonial, Madison shares her experience.  Her bunions weren’t causing her severe pain yet, but bunions are a progressive problem.  She has a history of bunions in her family so she knows where her bunion problem is headed.  She spent a week working with Dr. Levingston and her results were amazing!  She got a 73% improvement on one foot and a 68% reduction on the other foot.  She advises you to check out this bunion treatment as a first resort.


Karina’s Bunion Treatment Testimonial

In this audio testimonial, Karina’s will tell you her bunions looked very large & raised before treatment.  After treatment she says her feet looked 15 years younger, that the treatment was mostly painless and it took only 10 days to fix her lifelong bunion problem.

Christina’s Bunion Treatment Testimonial

In this audio testimonial, Christina tells you her amazing results!  She felt her bunions were embarrassing and was wearing sandals that would cover her bunions.  She highly recommends Dr. Levingston’s non-surgical bunion treatment.

Joney’s Bunion Treatment Testimonial

In this audio testimonial, Joney shares how she came in to treat her right foot bunion.  She says she had pain in her foot, knee and back.  After treatment she says her foot feels better, her shoe fits better and her pain is GONE!  She highly recommends Dr. Levingston’s no surgery bunion treatment.

Susan’s Bunion Treatment Testimonial

In this audio testimonial, Susan shares her story with you on how she was facing bunion surgery.  She was facing bunion surgery on both feet and was in pain.  She was having a hard time walking more than 6-8 thousand steps.  Within 2 weeks of treatment she was walking 11-12 thousand steps.  She says it was miraculous!

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