Alternative Holistic Treatments for Your Bunions

Are Toe Straighteners a Good Alternative Holistic Treatment for Your Bunions?

Are toe straighteners a natural cure for bunions? Can toe straighteners cure bunions without surgery? Are there any good alternative, natural, holistic cures or treatments for your bunions? Are there any remedies for my bunions?

In short, the answer is no. Straightening the big toe using toe straighteners such as bunion booty in order to cure your bunions actually does just the opposite. As the contraption stretches the big toe, it does nothing to strengthen the intrinsic muscles of the foot.

The most important muscle of the foot that is responsible for the hallux valgus deformity or lateral deviation of the big toe is the abductor hallicus muscle. The abductor hallicus muscle is located in the medial border of the foot. It is responsible for the bulk of the muscle you feel on the inside of the arch of the foot.

This muscle is obviously a key component to naturally correcting hallux valgus. Toe straighteners just stretch out and lengthen the abductor hallicus muscle. The foot may look great temporarily but over time that stretched out abductor muscle will worsen your foot’s hallux valgus angle. For years people have tried toe straighteners as an alternative home remedy for bunions.

Alternatives to bunion surgery.

Alternatives to bunion surgery.

There is only one no surgery bunion treatment that we know that actually works quite well. This treatment is the closest thing to a bunion cure without surgery that is known. It is not a home remedy for bunions but a treatment performed by a holistic doctor in Denver, Colorado named Dr. Robert Levingston DC, FIAMA.

He focuses on naturally aligning the big toe, correcting the patient’s posture, improving gait (or walking pattern), and decreasing the appearance of the bunion using microcurrent technology. This miraculous procedure, and how it can help you when it comes to your pain and/or appearance of the bunion.

In short, there is no official cure for bunions yet but the closest thing we know of in terms of effectiveness is Dr. Levingston’s Non-Surgical Bunion Therapy. The treatment is comprehensive and his patients seem to be happy with their results. These same people have tried all the natural remedies for bunions with no success.

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