Dr Levingston

Dr. Robert Levingston D.C., FIAMA

Dr. Robert Levingston D.C., FIAMA

Dr. Levingston is owner and doctor of Surgical Alternatives Inc. and the provider of a bunion alternative treatment. He is a world traveler who searches the globe to find alternative methods to surgical procedures. Dr. Levingston studied under the great Dr. Milly Ng (China & UK) who invented a form of bunion treatment without surgery. He took the core principals laid out by Dr. Ng and added other effective modalities to the non-surgical bunion therapy procedure to make it the best possible bunion treatment without surgery in the world.

Dr. Levingston creates many other protocols that helps the patient avoid going under the knife. He is extremely passionate about finding alternative procedures worldwide and making them available in the United States. Dr. Levingston learned the He is a pioneer in the Patent Pending “No Incision” Non-Surgical Bunion Treatment and is currently the only doctor in the United States who performs this particular technique. He has successfully treated over 100’s of patients. Treating bunions with the “No Incision” Non-Surgical Bunion Method is currently 90% of his practice. From professional athletes to stay at home mothers, Dr. Levingston customizes each individual treatment using a holistic approach to meet the patient’s particular goals. A large portion of patients visit Dr. Levingston from out of state and enjoy the benefits of this procedure.

Dr Levingston also successfully treats various other foot conditions such as hammertoes, plantar fasciitis, and heal spurs. He has helped a variety of patients such as professional football (NFL), hockey (NHL), basketball players (NBA), and dancers get out of pain and back on their feet.

Dr. Levingston received his Doctorate Degree at Palmer College of Chiropractic and received a Fellowship in Acupuncture from The International Academy of Medical Acupuncture. His practice is based in Denver, Colorado, where he specializes in treating bunions non-surgically.

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