Microcurrent Non-Surgical Bunion Treatment

Learn about this Revolutionary NO SURGERY Bunion Therapy

Non-Surgical Benefits 

No Incisions

No Downtime

No Scarring

No Risk of Infection

No Risk of Nerve Injury




Looking for a Non-Surgical Hammertoe Treatment? We may be able to help!

Curious about our unique and patent-pending bunion treatment process?

Our “Patent Pending” Non Surgical, No Incision Bunion Treatment helps to re-align the foot and effectively treat your bunions. We are the only clinic in the USA who offers this revolutionary bunion treatment. The core of the procedure uses microcurrent technology and other holistic techniques to help naturally straighten the big toe, decrease pain, and reduce the appearance of the bunion.


Most of our patients come to us for one of these four reasons:

1) They will absolutely not have bunion surgery and want an alternative and natural solution.

2) They want to try our bunion therapy procedure first before even considering surgery.

3) Their bunions aren’t considered “bad enough” to have bunion surgery (bunionectomy) and want to prevent them from getting worse.

4) They are looking for a procedure that will not only help strengthen the feet but increase range of motion and eliminate pain. Our Bunion Therapy procedure has helped to dramatically improve our patient’s daily workout routines and sporting activities.

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Many of our patients come to us from many parts of the United States and Canada. Contact us to find out more about how we work with out-of-town patients.

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