No Surgery Bunion, Hammer Toe, Bunionette & Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

No surgery Bunion, bunionette & hammer toe treatment with microcurrent technologyNon-Surgical Bunion Treatment

Our “patent pending” Non Surgical, No Incision Bunion Treatment re-aligns the foot and effectively treats your bunions. We are the only clinic in the USA who offers this revolutionary bunion treatment.

The core of the procedure uses microcurrent technology and other holistic techniques to help naturally straighten the big toe and shrink the appearance of the bunion. Please explore the rest of the site and check out some of our recent patient testimonials. Call us today at 303-532-4844 for any questions.


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Who do we treat?

Dancers, professional athletes, college athletes, yoga/pilates instructors & students, runners, and the everyday person who is sick and tired of all the problems that come along with their bunions.

no surgery bunion treatments for athletes and sports enthusiasts

Non Surgical Bunion Treatments With Micro-current Therapy and Holistic Medicine

Check out our Testimonials

Real reviews by real people.  Click to listen to their personal voice recorded testimonies or visit our testimonials page here.

Karina’s Bunion Treatment Testimonial

Christina’s Bunion Treatment Testimonial

Joney’s Bunion Treatment Testimonial

Susan’s Bunion Treatment Testimonial

Advantages Over Surgery



• Infection
• Scarring
• Nerve Injury
• Pain After Treatment
• Loss in Range of Motion of the Big Toe
• Stiffness of the Big Toe
• Over or Under Correction of the Big Toe
• Long-Term Recovery

• No Downtime
• More Flexible and Stronger Feet
• Ability To Stay On Feet Longer
• More Comfortable Walking & Wearing Of Shoes
• Reduced Knee, Low Back, & Foot Pain
• Better Overall Posture
• Less Expensive Than Surgery

Click The Button Below To Get Your Free “Why You Should Think Twice About Bunion Surgery” Report Now.

What else is included with my Non-Surgical Bunion Treatment?

Not only will we treat for bunions, but we will also address 12 other key elements:

1) Ankle, Foot, & Toe Alignment
2) Muscle Imbalance
3) Nerve Function
4) Foot Health
5) Foot Swelling
6) Joint Inflammation
7) Poor Joint Motion
8) Poor Posture
9) Muscle Tightness & Pain
10) Limited Range of Motion
11) Foot Muscle Strength
12) Gait

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Schedule your free phone consultation & ask your questions directly to Dr. Levingston.  Microcurrent Technology combined with other holistic treatments may help to eliminate pain and help correct your bunion deformity.  There are 26 bones, 33 joints & 100 tendons in your foot.  The majority of people suffering from bunions & foot pain have misaligned parts and weak muscles in their feet.  The results this treatment may provide could put you back on your feet!  Call & chat with the doctor to learn more or to schedule a free in office consultation.